World of Tanks April Fool's Actually Part Of The Game

World of Tanks April Fool’s Actually Part Of The Game

Does that mean it’s not actually an April Fool’s? I don’t know, but when I logged in last night and seeing I had actually been given a Karl with a 100% Crewman. Yes, the one that looks like it was built in Minecraft. It’s only going to last until Monday the 7th, but you can still log in and give it a go.

Taking it to battle puts you in a 7v7 match on an 8-Bit style map, exactly as the video promised. The Karl-Gerät is a tier 1 short-range artillery vehicle. Meaning that as you potter around on this weird map that looks like it’s made of Super Mario Bros. blocks, you can go into top-down targeting mode and attempt to lob your shells over the obstacles between you and a spotted target. Your range is not great though. You can’t sit in the back and expect to hit any further than maybe halfway into the map.

You have 1500 Hit Points and 1000 shells to play with. You won’t earn any experience or credits, except for 5 000 credits given if you end up in the top 5 on your team.

It’s a strangely fun mode, so it’s worth giving a go if you like the game.